Jeden z mých nejoblíbenějších DJů, kterému jsem pravidelně zasílal své hlasy do ankety DJ Magu – Marcel Woods, ukončil svou DJskou a producentskou kariéru. Své vyjádření zveřejnil dnes na sociálních sítích a a já jen horko těžko zamačkával slzu. Však jsem na jeho vystoupení jezdil i přes půl evropy a jeho legendární sety na Dance Valley či Trance Energy zůstanou navždy v mé paměti. Naposledy jsem ho měl možnost vidět v pražské Mecce, kde se představil ve skvělé formě.

Ve svém „dopise na rozloučenou“ uvádí jako hlavní důvod čas, který nemůže trávit se svou rodinou. Cestování ho evidetně vyčerpává a nedává mu možnost stát se tak kvalitním otcem, jak by on sám chtěl. Za posledních 18náct měsíců se z hudební scény pomaličku stahoval, až dospěl k definitivnímu rozhodnutí. Nicméně hudební bussines úplně neopouští. Málo lidí například ví, že Marcel pomáhal v začátcích dua Showtek a nyní působí jako jejich manager. Dokonce je tu i nadějě, že se příležitostně objeví za DJský pultem, ale to bude asi opravdu unikátní událost.

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Marcel woods a tigi

Celé vyjádření pak naleznete ZDE:

Marcel Woods says goodbye

There is a time for everything, and this is the time to announce that I’m retiring from DJ’ing and producing. Despite the love I always felt and still feel for my profession, I’m hanging up my headphones. Becoming a first-time father in 2011 was a turning point for me: I didn’t feel the urge anymore to constantly travel to faraway places. Don’t get me wrong: I’m very thankful for the level of sophistication that this extreme ‘hobby’ provided me with. Travelling the world to play my music lead me to the most beautiful places and taught me what this planet looks and feels like. But constantly crossing the continents is killing for your social life as well. When my wife and me were ‘just the two of us’, we were able to make that work. Birthdays, weddings, other parties; I simply wasn’t there… Party-time enough during my work weekends, right? Whenever it was possible, my wife Kuintje simply joined me on those moments.

Undoubtedly, the majority doesn’t know that I’ve been working on my music together with Wouter Janssen (who forms the duo Showtek with his brother Sjoerd) since 2000. In the background, I was already helping them out when decisions had to be taken on their careers and when things didn’t work out anymore between the brothers and their former booking agency, they asked me to step forward. Well, long story short: when I do something, I always give my all and this resulted in the start of 2-Dutch Agency and my role as an artist manager / booking agent. The combination of being CEO of 2-Dutch and travelling the world as Marcel Woods quickly bore fruit. All fell into place, resulting in a rapid growth of our company. The team we have formed here is fantastic and things are going very well.
Taking all of this in account, I suddenly was wearing a lot of badges: DJ / Producer / Husband / Father / Booker / Artist Manager / A&R of some record labels and of course keeping up with the daily affairs of 2-Dutch.

The last 18 months, I consciously slowly moved Marcel Woods to the background, resulting in fewer releases, interviews , podcasts and of course performances . Until I reached the unavoidable question: how do I want to continue this career? Well, not long ago, one morning my sweet daughter Sterre showed me the answer when I wanted to go to the office:
„Daddy, are you going to work ? Yes honey, Daddy is on his way to work. In another country, Daddy? No sweetie, Daddy is going to the office today. Oh that’s nice, otherwise Daddy will miss us, right?“
Hereby, I think I’ve made myself clear. Because indeed, Daddy missed you and your little brother and Mommy a lot when he was away. And when you and your little brother Zeb grow up and read back this letter on the Internet, you will understand that sometimes in life you face difficult decisions. I know that I have just made the right one.

P.S. Even if you won’t be hearing new releases or DJ sets with contemporary music anymore, I can and will not completely let go of my profession and will therefore sporadically tear down a party with the classics concept “ Bring Back The Music“.